Sorting of lists is a very common thing done in work places, Schools, Libraries etc. The list could be in alphabetical, or numerical order, that said, it could be a list of words or a list of numbers. Now, depending on how large the list is, sorting it manually will prove rather stressful and time consuming. To make is easier and faster we can write a code on python that sorts it instead, a sorting method.

Now, we want to write a sorting method. you’re probably wondering, “doesn’t Python already have an in-built function to sort letters and numbers”. Well…

Imagine you have a really long list of numbers, arrange in order of ascending or descending, and you’re just looking for one number out of the really long list. It’s obviously going to be a rather stressful task looking through the long list until you find your number, not just that but you’re probably going to waste a lot of time while you’re at it to. So that leaves most wondering, is there possibly any way I could perform this task without wasting so much time or going through so much haste.

So, what do we do? Well, we look…


I'm a student studying computer science. I'm presently working on mastering Python programming language, so I engage in various projects using Python.

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